Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, about that Microsoft-Yahoo Merger

So it was a slow day and I was reading about the Microsoft-Yahoo merger. How developers at Yahoo are fleeing in droves because Microsoft doesn't get the 'net and will ruin Yahoo.

And this isn't so say that they're wrong, but how about fleeing Yahoo for a better reason? Like, say, because of this embarrassment puddle parked out on the street in front of my shonky whip? I mean, come on Yahoo. I've never seen a Googlemobile, but I suspect that they're not quite as... butch as this one is.

(click to engorge this shameful display)

I've got no eye for color or detail, but... fuscia with the cheesy flame job? Really?

Then again, it did bring a smile to my face. For all the wrong reasons, but I was smiling. Way to go, Yahoo. Good luck keeping the corrupting influence of Microsoft far away from your pristine shores.

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