Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kudos on unscrewing yourself, MSDN!

Seen and heard (but mostly seen) – MSDN’s shiny skinny new look.

Compare and contrast the two looks. Here’s a random page about one of the classes you can use to hammer on XML, the way it was before.

And here's the new low-bandwidth edition of the same page.

Oh hey look – I don’t have to dig through panes and curse quietly to myself when that fucking clownishly giant left pane class navigator slides in and out because I’m using Firefox’s incremental search-as-you-type or target where I wants to scroll.

The garnish disappears quickly and I’m left chewing on the meat of the information that I wanted to get at.

Executive summary – dear designers, please consider servicing the needs of your users rather than merely servicing yourself.

Love, me.